Permanent Cosmetics
The Foundation of Fundamental Applications
255 pages
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This highly acclaimed textbook authored by Marjorie Grimm, CPCP has been receiving rave reviews as the most comprehensive permanent cosmetics textbook available. Widely used by industry trainers, it is an outstanding study guide for the CPCP examination.

The book is written nonspecific to any device or product, ensuring its objective that the information will be applicable to all, regardless of their tenure or interest in the industry. Color photographs are used throughout the textbook providing unique examples of permanent cosmetic applications that were only spoken of in past presentations.

Learn all about procedures, safe practices, devices, needle usage, traditional and permanent cosmetic color theory and much more. Click here for the entire index.

Also available: Foundation of Fundamental Applications Workbook, Student and Instructor's editions
The highly anticipated 80-page workbook is a companion to the SPCP textbook.   
$65 each when purchased separately or the there is a combo pack for the  Foundation of Fundamental Applications textbook and the Workbook for $199.


Permanent Cosmetics - The Foundation of Fundamental Applications $149

Foundations - Student Workbook


Foundations - Student Workbook, Instructor's Edition


Foundations of Fundamental Applications +  Student Workbook Combo



Areola & Nipple Repigmentation for the Permanent Cosmetic Professional
This years-in-the making, highly anticipated book contains contributions from some of the most talented paramedical permanent cosmetic professionals in our industry.  Obtain a better understanding of the surgical procedures your clients have undergone; learn about design concepts, procedure techniques, and contraindications. View procedural images: before, immediately after, and healed.  Included are aftercare tips, sample forms, and an expansive glossary of terms. This book (nearly 100 pages) is the perfect reference companion to an areola/nipple repigmentation course of hands-on instruction.
Areola & Nipple Repigmentation for the Permanent Cosmetic Professional $95.00


The Art of Camouflage: The Hidden Facts
 Developed from the March 2006 Convention this book covers all aspects of camouflaging and also the hidden facts. Learn the who, why and hows of flesh tone tattooing.
     I. The Qualification
    II. The Canvas
   III. The Pigment
  IV. The Tools
   V. The Artist

The Art of Camouflage: The Hidden Facts $35.00



  Understanding Permanent Cosmetic Color
This new publication replaces the SPCP Color Book and Understanding Pigment. Learn why there is so much more to know than traditional color theory when working with permanent cosmetic pigments. Discover what really is in the pigments we use. Elizabeth Finch Howell, CPCP has updated these two publications and included what today’s permanent cosmetic professional needs to know to make educated pigment choices.

Understanding Permanent Cosmetic Color $35.00



Client Management Book 2nd Ed, 55 pages
Professionals in the beauty enhancement industries agree that the key to a successful business and a flourishing customer referral base is dependent on a comprehensive understanding of working well with the people who seek their services.
The tour of guidelines in this handbook has been analytically developed to assist in the practice of effective client management from the first moment you meet a potential client, through the consultation process, the procedure, and the follow-up practice.
This book serves the permanent cosmetic industry as the gold standard resource for client management information. Every technician should have one.



  1. Personal Presentation
  2. Communications
  3. III. The Consultation
  4. The Procedure
  5. Pain Management
  6. Client Follow-Up
Client Management Book 2nd Ed $35.00

Client Management Book 2nd Ed, Japanese Version $35.00

Esthetics for Permanent Cosmetics 2nd Ed, 50pgs 
This long awaited updated publication on skincare is written especially for the cosmetic tattoo professional. The permanent cosmetic profession has learned much over the last twenty plus years and latest up-to-date information in shared on the subject by LiZa Sims, CPCP. The greater your knowledge of the skin, the better your cosmetic tattoo results will be.
* Esthetics for Permanent Cosmetics Book 2nd Ed $35.00



3rd Ed. SPCP Medical Issues for Permanent Cosmetic Technicians, 40pgs
Updated articles with many new ones - this is a must have for every permanent makeup technician.  Includes over 20 articles on Health & Safety, Anesthetics, Tattoo Removal, Laser, Hyperpigmentation, HIPAA, Chart notes, Client history forms,
Listing of Common Medications and much more!!

* Medical Issues 3rd Edition NEW $35.00

Medical Issues 3rd Edition, Japanese Version $35.00